Privacy Policy

HOTEL THE LEBEN (referred to below as “the HOTEL”) is acutely aware of the importance of protecting privacy and personal information and its social implications and has established the following policies to protect personal information and endeavors to achieve the proper management of personal information.

1. Basic Stance

To implement this Policy, the Hotel has established internal rules and systems regarding the handling of the personal information of its Guests (referred to below as “personal information, etc.”), ensures that its employees, group companies, subcontractors, and all other parties concerned are fully aware of the Policy, and shall maintain and improve the appropriate implementation of it.

2. Proper Management

3. Purposes of Use

Regarding the purposes for using the Hotel in terms of providing the business services it offers and information about them, responding to inquiries, analyzing questionnaires, conducting its employment activities and the like, the Hotel gathers personal information through appropriate and fair means and utilizes that personal information to the extent required to fulfill these purposes.

If the Hotel is required to utilize the personal information beyond the extent required to fullfill these purposes, it publishes the notification to that effect on its website etc.

4. Provision to Third Parties

There are times when the Hotel may furnish personal data to its group companies, work subcontractors, business partners, and other entities through proper procedures required by laws and regulations and other criteria.

5. Supervision of Subcontractors

When the Hotel entrusts the handling of personal information and other data to another entity, it supervises the safe management of that personal information and other data in an appropriate manner.