Universal Double


Spaces for relaxation

All rooms have separate baths and toilets. The beds use “6.5-inch Pocketed Coil Mattresses made by Simmons,”
considered to be the world’s top manufacturer and synonymous with high-quality beds.
In pursuit of sleeping comfort, the rooms have a king-size bed (1,800mm x 2,000mm),
making it one rank higher than an ordinary 5.5-inch bed.

Universal Double
All rooms have separate baths and toilets, as well as spacious powder rooms.
Universal Double Bathroom
The bathtubs are large, enabling you to lie down completely and stretch your legs,
while the wash basin and fittings are made by GROHE which produces superior-quality and highly-stylish sanitary fittings.


Overview of Guest Rooms
Guest Room Types
Western-style / No Smoking Types
Floor space
2 guests
Bed size: 1,800mm×2,000mm
6.5-inch Pocketed Coil Mattress
Guest Room Appliances, Fixtures, etc.
Mobile phone chargers, Slippers, disposable slippers, dressing gowns (separate for upper and lower body), TV, electric kettle, humidifier, shoehorn, safe, cooler
Shampoo, conditioner, body soap, hand and face soap, toothbrushes, face and bath towels
Amenities Available at Front Desk

Razors, combs, shower caps, body towels, cotton buds, cotton swabs, amenity bag, cleansing, face wash, skin lotion, milky lotion

Amenities Available at Front Desk
Amenities Available at Front Desk
Paid Services
Handling of Kuroneko Yamato package shipments
Loan Items
bottle openers, wine bottle openers, extension cords, nail clippers, ice packs, blankets, plasters, chopsticks, spoons, forks, knives, air purifiers, trouser presses, thermometers